Is It Worth Getting AirPods With Wireless Charging Case?

28 Jan 2022
Is It Worth Getting AirPods With Wireless Charging Case

As AirPods become progressively more high-tech, features are added to increase convenience for the consumer. One of these new features is wireless charging, but naturally, this comes at an increased cost. The question you might be asking is: is it worth getting AirPods with a wireless charging case?

With an increasing number of options of AirPods and AirPod cases, it is widely believed that regardless of the option you opt for, you will be getting a top-quality product. But, some might want to splurge to get the additional feature of wireless charging. 

We explore the features of the AirPods Wireless Charging Case, how to charge your AirPod case using a wireless charger, and resolve whether it is worth those extra bucks. 

Is the AirPods Wireless Charging Case Worth It? 

The short answer is yes, as the added convenience and increased charging options make it worth it. 

An AirPods Wireless Charging Case comes standard with some of the newer AirPod models, such as the AirPods Pro and 3rd generation AirPods. However, you can also buy a wireless charging case on its own to use on existing AirPods. 

is it worth to get airpods with wireless charging case

So what is the difference between AirPods with a charging case, and AirPods with a  wireless charging case? The biggest feature of a wireless case is, naturally, wireless charging. The case features Qi charging, which allows you to place it onto a wireless charger to power up, instead of having to plug it into a cable. But, if the latter is preferable in certain situations, you are still able to do that with this case.  

It is important to note that wireless charging will not power up the case quite as fast as a cable would. If you need your AirPods to charge in a hurry, you might want to opt for the traditional wired charger.

How long the AirPods case takes to charge will depend on the wireless charger used. Once fully charged, the AirPods can be used for around 5 hours of listening time, and about 3 hours of talk time. 

The case itself, when charged, acts as a charger to the AirPods, so if you put them back into the case intermittently, you should have over 24 hours of listening time. 

When it comes to how to charge an AirPod case wirelessly, it is simple to do. You just place it onto a wireless charger. 

How to know if your AirPod case is charging is to look at the LED indicator - it will turn orange. To check when it is fully charged, wait until the LED indicator is green. 

Remember, as with most chargeable, battery-operated products, after some time and use the battery life will falter slightly. You will notice this is most gadgets, such as your mobile phone, laptop, and your trusty AirPods. While it won’t deteriorate severely, nor completely, you won’t experience the same number of charged hours after a year or so of owning the product. 

Which Wireless Charger is Best?

Many wireless charger options can be purchased to charge your Wireless AirPods Charging Case, but as it comes at a cost, you will want to ensure a quality product that is durable to last. 

The Burga wireless charger is just that. With AirPods compatibility, multiple features, and a sleek appearance, you can charge your wireless case in style.

 is it worth buying airpods with wireless charging case

Our wireless charger is Qi-enabled, which means it can charge any Qi charging device. This means that it will not only work on your AirPods but can charge your phone, too. 

The product features a high-tech temperature control module, which gives you peace of mind by preventing overheating of the product and charger during the charging process and also eliminates the risk of short-circuiting and surge triggers. 

The design of the charger is thin and sleek, with a round shape, reflective black surface, and the option of either a black or rose gold border going around it. It is an attractive product, and a lot easier on the eyes than most other chargers available. 

The device provides a fast-charging solution for your AirPods, ensuring that you have a fully-charged case to allow many hours of uninterrupted listening and talking throughout your day. The USB-C plug also results in efficient charging of the device itself. 

The bottom of the charger has rubber, which prevents it from slipping during the charging process, which could damage the charger as well as the device being charged. It also protects any surface that is placed on from scratches. 

A major benefit is that the charger can transmit power through any material such as rubber, plastic, or TPU, meaning you can leave your AirPods protective case on while charging. This prevents any damage or breakage that might occur if the protective case has to be taken off, and ensures that your AirPods stay safe and functioning for a long time to come. 

How to Protect Your Wireless Charging Case 

Purchasing an AirPods Wireless Charging Case is a significant investment, and you will want the device to last you as long as possible without damage or breakage. The best way to reduce these risks and increase the lifespan of the product is to get a quality protective case. 

Burga’s AirPod case covers do not only provide ample protection for AirPods but also add a touch of style to your listening device. There is a huge selection of designs to choose from, but rest assured, every single one offers the highest quality of protection for your AirPods. You can also match your AirPod case to your phone case with Burga. 

Our cases are fully compatible with wireless and wired charging, which allows you to alternate between the two without taking off the case and putting your AirPods at risk of damage. You can also still see an LED light indicator, to keep track of whether your AirPods are still charging, or if they are ready to come off the charger and into your ears. 

The cases have excellent shock absorption, which protects the AirPods case from damage such as scratches, dents, or breakage. Despite the heavy-duty protection, the case itself is sleek and lightweight, fitting snug onto the AirPods case without creating unnecessary bulk or weight to the nifty gadget. 

The best part of our cases is the hundreds of designs available for you to choose from. Whether you pick a case to suit your fashion sense, personality, hobbies, or taste, you won’t fail to find one that you connect with. The exterior is of the highest quality, and will not fade, scratch, or peel over time, ensuring your AirPods look brand new even when they are not. 

is it worth to buy airpods with wireless charging case

The protective cases also come with a carabiner, which can be used to link your AirPods to your bag, keys, or even your belt loop. With the device itself being so small, this is the perfect way to ensure that you don’t lose your trusty gadget anywhere. 


Getting a wireless charging case with your AirPods will cost you a little extra, but will also go a long way in adding convenience to everyday life. 

The ability to place your AirPods case onto a wireless charger for its power-up makes the charging process easier and reduces the need for wires and outlets. The added benefit is that you can still charge via a wire if it is more convenient, or you want your AirPods to charge as fast as possible. 

Be sure to get a protective case for your AirPods case, to protect the device from inevitable drops or bumps, and reduce scratching in the event of direct contact with other surfaces. 

Together with the AirPods Charging Case and protective case, you will also need to bag a good quality wireless charger that provides fast and efficient charging, and allows you to keep your protective case on your AirPods to prevent any damage while charging.

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