Why Does My AirPods Case Die So Fast?

28 Jan 2022
why does my AirPods case die so fast

Ever left home with a charged case and when you take it out at your destination you realize it’s gone completely flat? You might be wondering, “why does my AirPods case die so fast?” You’re not alone. It’s a popular question. 

There’s nothing more frustrating, especially if you know you’ve charged it to full capacity. So if you find yourself wondering, why your AirPods case is charging slow, or why your AirPods Case dies so quickly. Our intention in this article is to understand why this happens.

Is it something that you are doing that causes it to run flat, or is it just the wear and tear of the device? Let’s find out if we can fix some of these problems.

Why Does My AirPods Case Die So Fast?

There could be multiple reasons why your AirPods case is dying fast, but one of the main reasons could be a battery drain.

What is Battery Drain?

why does my airpod case die so fast

Battery drain is when the battery of your case gets weaker and weaker. 

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The battery gets weaker because the Lithium-ion battery that’s in your case degrades. Lithium-ion batteries exclusively fill the role for portable electronics so this, unfortunately, cannot be avoided.

These batteries usually last for about two years. But if your AirPods case is still under warranty, send it to the repair shop or get it replaced. If it’s not under warranty and about two years old, you’re probably going to want to look at getting a new case.

But before you do that, try these quick fixes.

Reset Your AirPods case

The charging case usually lasts up to 24 hours and it provides multiple hours of listening time. But when it starts running flat quickly, resetting the case is commonly solution number one. This is the first and easiest test you can do.

Open the case and hold down the button at the back of the case. Hold it for ten to fifteen seconds or until the light turns white. The AirPods case is now reset, and you can pair them up again. Hopefully, the reboot will help your case not die so quickly.

Your next question should be, “How do I know if the AirPods case is charging? To answer it, wait for the LED light to flash amber and eventually green. 

Completely Drain AirPods Case Battery

If resetting your case did not help the next step would be to completely drain the battery. Once it’s drained, recharge it. Can you charge an AirPods case without AirPods inside? You sure can. In fact, it would be best to drain both the AirPods and the case then recharge.

This might help you distinguish if it’s the AirPods that are killing your battery or if it actually is your case. Can you charge AirPods with someone else's case? Luckily you can use someone else’s case. This is convenient especially if your case keeps dying or if it’s damaged.

What is the difference between AirPods with charging cases and AirPods with wireless charging cases? The difference between the two lies within a cord. Wireless comes with a mat onto which you lay the case down to charge. And the normal charging case charges with a wire.

Is it okay to leave AirPods in a case? Leaving your AirPods in the case is probably the best place to keep them. You’ll never run off with an empty case and your AirPods will always be charged. But don’t leave it in a charger that’s plugged in overnight because of battery degradation.

why is my airpod case dying so fast


Keeping your AirPods charged is important because they are of no use to you if it is dead. And dead AirPods when you need them is frustrating and a waste. So, having a case that works properly is crucial because it keeps your AirPods alive.

And just like our phone cases, our AirPods cases are durable. But if your battery still runs down in your AirPods case after you’ve tried everything to get it working again, it would be best to just get a new case.

Just so that you don’t find yourself in a situation where you don’t have a case because your battery stopped working altogether.

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