Can you Overcharge AirPods Case?

28 Jan 2022
can you overcharge AirPods case

The coolest thing about your AirPods case is that it is a charger for your AirPods. It only takes about five minutes to recharge your AirPods Pro when it dies to enjoy a full hour of listening or talk time. 

Burga has made AirPods cases the most attractive accessories to have in the market and you can match them to your Phone case too. The key to enjoying your AirPods includes having enough information on hand.

There are a couple of things you need to understand about how to charge your AirPods case.

to ensure that you can make the best of its functionality and improve its lifespan. 

In this article, we will empower you to make the most of your AirPods case. The first thing you need to know is that you don’t have to ever worry about overcharging your AirPods case. 

So let’s strike out the question of overcharging your AirPod case as that is not an issue. 

Is it Possible to Overcharge your AirPods Case?

can you leave airpods case charging overnight

It is not possible at all to overcharge your AirPods case because the AirPods battery is designed to stop charging once it’s all juiced up 100%. 

You also might be wondering how long AirPods cases take to charge to avoid keeping it plugged in for too long.

The truth is it doesn’t take very long to charge your AirPods case so you don’t need to leave it charging overnight. 

In one hour tops, from the time you’ve plugged them into a lightning cable or placed your AirPods case on a wireless mat, you can have a fully functional and fully charged AirPods case. 

It is really simple to tell if your AirPods case is charging. Wait for the color of the LED light outside your case to turn green. This is how you can tell that you have a fully charged AirPods case. 

If the batteries of your AirPod case are fully dead it would be advisable to leave them on charge for a full thirty minutes, with the lid closed and without interrupting the charging process. This will ensure that the batteries will charge properly. 

An orange blinking LED light indicates that your AirPod case is not charging properly and intervention is needed. 

Now that we know the duration of time required for a fully functional AirPod case, you need not leave your AirPods case charging overnight. 

But what if you do leave them charging overnight or fail to unplug the case once fully charged? 

Could Overcharging the AirPod Case Damage the Battery?  

AirPods and their cases use Lithium-ion batteries which can be damaged by overcharging, but AirPods cases are designed to stop charging when the battery reaches 100%.

Your AirPod case will simply stop the charging process once the battery is fully charged. This makes it safe to leave the case plugged into the lightning cable or on the Qi mat overnight. There will not be any consequences or overcharging.

It is also safe to charge your AirPods with someone else's case. Since the case is a charger, it will charge your AirPods all the same. What is important to note is that a fully charged AirPods case can power up your AirPods three or four times giving you many enjoyable hours of usage. 

All it takes is twenty minutes to fully power up your AirPods using your case once the batteries have died. 

Is there Anything that Can Damage the AirPods and their Case Batteries? 

is it ok to leave airpods in case

So now we know with absolute certainty that overcharging the AirPods case is not possible at all. Even if you leave it on to charge overnight it will not damage the batteries of the case or the AirPods. 

But, there are other ways of damaging the batteries of your AirPods and its case that you must be aware of. 

  • Avoid heat exposure as this will cause damage to your AirPods and the case.  This includes not leaving them out of your case or exposing them to direct sunlight. It would be best to store them away in very hot conditions.
  • Water is another element that can cause damage to the batteries of your AirPods and the case. Make sure you keep your AirPods away from moisture and do not expose them to any kind of liquids.
  • If your AirPods do get wet, make sure you dry them quickly with a cloth or towel. 
  • When cleaning your AirPods and the case also do not use a wet cloth or any liquids that will damage the batteries. 
  • Follow cleaning instructions carefully using Q-tips, a bristled brush, and toothpicks to gently keep them clean.  
  • If your AirPods fall into the water, do not use them until they are dry again and working properly. 

Keep your AirPods in your case when you are not using them. It is safe and protected inside the case and will not be exposed to heat or water as long as the AirPod case is safely kept away in your bag or a cool protected space. 


The AirPods case is the best place to store your AirPods and keep them safe. Just make sure they are clean and kept out of direct sunlight and water. Overcharging will not reduce the lifetime of your AirPods or its case, so ensure they are supercharged and ready for fun usage.

With the great technology available in AirPod cases why sit with a dead battery when you can go on listening to your favorite music for hours.   It also makes sense to learn more about the difference between AirPods with charging cases and AirPods with wireless charging cases

Can you Overcharge AirPods Case? (FAQs)

Can AirPods Charge with Case Open?

If your AirPods are inside the case and the lid is open it will still charge. Just look at the status of the LED light on the outside of your AirPods case to determine if it is charging properly. If you do not see a red or amber light then your AirPods are not charging in case.

Try closing the lid and charging it or try some quick fixes which may include changing the lightning cable as it might be worn out.  But in general, there should be no problem charging your AirPods with the case open. 

What Is the AirPods Battery Lifespan?

An AirPods' battery lifespan varies depending on wear and tear and how well you’ve been taking care of your AirPods. So depending on the usage amount, on average AirPods batteries last for about two years before slowing down. 

There are ways to take care of your AirPod batteries, like keeping them dry and clean, storing them in the AirPod case when not in use, and making sure you keep them out of the sunlight and heat.

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