AirPod Charging Case Vs Wireless

28 Jan 2022
AirPod charging case vs wireless

AirPod charging case vs wireless: which should you get? If you’re questioning what is better, then you’re at the right place. AirPod technology can become overwhelming especially since tech advances at such a rapid speed.

In this article, we will determine what the difference between the two is. We will look at the technical spec and the criteria differences. We will also determine what’s great about each product and who it would be suitable for. So, let’s get started.

AirPod Charging Case Versus Wireless (Compared)

Technical Spec

Differences Between

Wired Airpod Charging Case

Wireless Airpod Case

Energy Connection

The regular charging case needs to be plugged in with a lightning connector to charge.

Charges with a Qi-compatible charging mat and lightning connector


Same design

Same design


Equivalent to wireless case

Equivalent to wired case


Bluetooth compatible

Bluetooth compatible


Case Performance

Is it worth getting AirPods with a wireless charging case? This question is often asked, but when it comes to performance, there are very few major differences between the wired charger and the wireless charger. They both perform equally well, for the most part. The difference lies in the way the device is charged.

airpod wireless charging case vs wired

Despite wireless technology being newer, the wired charger is generally a little faster. This means that you might want to opt for a wired charger if you’re in a pinch and need to charge your case quickly.

That being said, the wireless charger still charges the case quickly enough that it is in no way a problem. 

But when the case is on charge, it does not in any way affect the performance of the AirPods. Upgrade your AirPod case now. Shop BURGA and get premium quality and free global shipping. 

Can you charge your AirPod case with the AirPod inside? You sure can. But if you are having issues and are wondering why your AirPod case is charging slow or why your AirPods case isn’t charging then perhaps it is your case battery. 


The wireless charging case is a lot more convenient than the wired charging one. This is because you require fewer cables, and can just plop your case down on the Qi mat.

This means that you don’t have to worry about struggling to find a cable.

Burga’s charging cases also come with both a wired and wireless option, so you can mix and match depending on your needs. 

How often you should charge your AirPod case is a popular question, but this depends on how often you use the case. Once a day is often sufficient, but if your AirPod is in use all the time, then twice a day would be safe.

Price Difference

Wireless charging cases are a bit more expensive. We think it’s worth it for the convenience, though.

Warranty Difference

Just like your Burga phone case,  with the AirPod case you have a 12-month warranty on your case. Our cases are both wired and wireless friendly, so the warranty differences between the two cases are non-existent. 

AirPod Charging Case Versus Wireless

Wired Charging Case

What we like about the wired case is that it charges really fast with the Lightning connector. What we don’t like is that the wired case can only be charged with the Lighting cable. 

The fuss of having to look for the lightning connector every time you need to use it, especially if you take it with you everywhere you go can be a bother. It often gets lost in the car, at the office, at home, or in between, which can get messy. 

But if you do forget it and wonder if you can charge AirPods in a different case the answer is simple, you most certainly can. 

Is it bad to leave AirPods in a case? Definitely not, it's safe there, so try to always keep it in its case. 

Why It’s Great

  • Priced well 
  • When connected with a cable, the charge is always faster than wireless
  • Same great design as the wireless
  • Can take the cable with you so charging on the go is possible

Who It’s Right For

  • Those who prefer wired charging
  • People who already own a lightning cable

what is airpod wireless charging case

Wireless AirPod Charger

Although the wireless AirPod charger is slightly more pricey, it makes up for the cost with convenience. This is especially true if you have other wireless charging devices.

It’s super convenient because it eliminates the need for so many cables, making your home or your workspace much neater.

As an added bonus, the wireless charging case also comes with a wired charging option. So if you’re ever stuck at a friend’s house without a Qi mat, you’ll still be able to charge your case.

You might be wondering if your AirPod can charge with the case open. It’s better to make sure the case is closed before placing it on the wireless pad. 

Why It’s Great

  • It is great because you have two charging options, so it allows flexibility
  • Better for traveling because you have fewer cables
  • Great design and clutter-free charging
  • The device is portable, so it allows you to charge on the go

Who It’s Right For

  • The wireless is right for individuals who prefer newer technology
  • Those who have more than one wireless device
  • Those who have the extra money to spend

AirPod Charging Case Versus Wireless (FAQs)

Is the AirPod wired charger better than the AirPod wireless charger?

Both are good, depending on your needs. The only difference is that the wired charger can only charge with the wire.

Is it worth it getting an AirPod wireless case charger?

what is the difference between airpods with charging

The decision is made purely on preference.

The AirPod wired charger case is worth getting if you prefer newer tech or have more than one wireless device. It’s also worth getting if you want to cut down on your cables and neaten up your space. 

What is the difference between the wireless charging AirPods case and the non-wireless charging case?

The AirPods with wireless charging case has a charging pad that comes with it. The AirPod case can just be laid to charge on this wireless charger pad, and it will charge.

The non-wireless AirPods have a regular charging case that needs to be plugged in with a lightning connector to charge.

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