Can AirPods Charge With Case Open?

28 Jan 2022
can AirPods charge with case open

There are several tips and accessories that some might opt to add to their AirPods for size and comfort reasons, which then impacts the ability to close the case when the AirPods are in it. This leads to the question: can AirPods charge with the case open? 

While there are allowances for this scenario, there are also considerations for the safety and condition of the AirPods in the short and long term. The charging process for AirPods can be tricky to navigate, especially for those who have recently purchased the listening device. 

We look at whether you can charge AirPods with the case open (and if you should), how to charge AirPods with the case open, and why you shouldn’t charge them with the case open. 

Can You Charge AirPods With The Case Open?

Yes, you can charge your AirPods with the case open. 

Some users want to leave the case open if they have put additional silicone tips onto the AirPods for size and/or comfort, and are not able to close the case due to the increased size. Leaving it open saves the user having to remove the tips every time they put the AirPods back into charge. 

But, unless strictly necessary, you should keep the case closed when possible. Several things can go wrong when it is left open for too long, such as the loss of one or both AirPods, or dust or dirt making its way in and impacting the functionality of the case. 

If you do keep the case open, try to place it on a steady surface where it can’t be bumped or shaken to avoid the AirPods falling out. Try to keep it covered with a cloth or any other material so that it is not exposed to too much dust or dirt. 

do airpods charge when case is open

How to Charge your AirPods with the Case Open

How to charge your AirPods Case with the case open differs slightly depending on whether you have a Wired Charging case vs a Wireless Charging case. However, charging the actual AirPods works the same way. 

Charging your AirPods simply entails putting them in their case. The AirPods case itself needs to be charged, and when it is, it can then fully charge the AirPods numerous times when they are placed in. To ensure that your AirPods are always fully charged and ready to use, make it a habit to leave them in the case when not in use so that it maintains their power levels. 

To charge a wired charging case, you will need to connect it to a compatible charger via the port at the bottom of the case, and the charger will be plugged into an electrical outlet. This method can be used on a wireless charging case too, as it has a port for wired charging. 

Once charging, keeping the case open can be tricky as the case lid tends to snap close very easily. Try to prop it up on something, by placing the open side of the lid on a small book pen, with the reset button facing up. This should keep it open while it powers up. 

If you are wondering how AirPods wireless charging cases work, you will first need a wireless Q1-charger. This will allow you to simply place the case on the wireless charger, and it will power up. 

With this type of charger, it becomes more difficult to keep the case open as it requires the case to be placed flat down, with the LED light facing upwards. You will find that an open lid snaps back closed when the case is laid flat, and if this was not the case, the case would likely not charge anyway as it would not be laying properly on the charger. 

The best you can do with a wireless charger if you do have something like silicone tips on your AirPods is to close the lid as much as possible, even if there is a small opening, which should leave the case still lying flat against the charger. Or, you can just remove the tips when you need to charge. But, having the lid fully open is not an option here. 

For both wired and wireless charging, your AirPods do not have to be in the case for the case to charge. Both wired and wireless cases have LED indicators, which is how to tell if your AirPods case is charging. When the light is orange, it means that it is still charging. Once it turns green, it means the case is fully charged. 

If you are wondering why your AirPod case is charging slow, it is pertinent to note that the wired charging method powers up the device faster than wireless charging. While this may not matter if you are leisurely charging it overnight or when not in use, it makes a difference if you are looking to hastily charge your case in a shorter period. 

Why You Shouldn't Leave The Case Open When Charging Your AirPods

may airpods charge when case is open

Leaving your AirPod case open while charging is not something you should unless strictly necessary. Even in the instances of having tips on your AirPods, you should rather make the effort to take them off each time you recharge. 

Leaving the case open might lead to dust or dirt coming into the case, which can affect the functionality of the AirPods, and/or the charging magnets in the case. The debris can work its way into the AirPod speakers, causing blockages and detriment to the sound. 

When the case is open, a small bump or shake could lead to the AirPods toppling out. With them being so small and not connected with wiring, there is a large risk of loss or damage to the internal wiring if this happens.

An AirPods case cover is the perfect solution to keeping both your AirPods and your case safe. With tons of designs available, you can also match it to your iPad cover.


While you can charge AirPods with the case open, you should ultimately keep it closed whenever possible as there is a risk of loss, damage, and dirt that comes with the case being open. 

Charging AirPods is as easy as just putting them in their case. But, the case needs to be sufficiently charged to power up the AirPods. How you charge the case will differ according to what type of case you have, wired or wireless. 

Regardless of whether you keep the case open or closed, if you keep track of your battery percentages and pop your AirPods back into the charged case regularly, nothing will get in the way of you listening to your favorite songs and talking hands-free throughout your day. 

Can AirPods Charge With Case Open (FAQs)

How Can I Charge My AirPods Without a Case?

Unfortunately, you can’t. AirPods can only charge in a case, and not on their own. Once the AirPods are dead, they need to be placed in their case to power up. 

What if I Lost My AirPod Charging Case?

If you have lost your AirPod charging case, you can either order a replacement from Apple without buying a whole new set of AirPods, or you can buy a brand new case on its own. 

While buying a new one will be pricier than ordering a replacement, the latter can still cost you a pretty penny between around $60 and $100. In some cases, you might just opt to pay a little extra for a new one at the store. 

How Often Should I Charge My Airpod Case?

This will depend on how many hours a day you use your AirPods. Those who use them between about 12-24 hours a day should opt to charge the case overnight, every night. However, if you are only using them a few hours a day, between 1-10, you can get away with charging it once every 2-3 days. 

Keep a close eye on the battery percentage so you know when your case is due for a recharge.

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