Why Won’t My AirPod Case Close?

24 Feb 2022
Why Won’t My AirPod Case Close

One of our favorite things about AirPods is that you don’t have to plug them into a wall to charge them. Instead, they charge using their carry case. But if the case is not closing properly for some reason, then it can play havoc with your battery and connectivity.

If your AirPod case isn’t closing, it usually means that there is an obstruction somewhere. This could be anything from dust or pet hair to lint that the case has picked up in your pocket. And in the worst-case scenario, it may be that the magnets are not lining up.

Fortunately though, troubleshooting the issue is easy and usually, they just need a cleaning. Below are a few tips on how to fix AirPods case lid.

How to Fix an AirPod Case that Won’t Close

Check for Obstructions in the AirPod Ports 

If you open up your case, there will be two compartments for your AirPods. They should slide into these slots without any issues. If you have to force or wriggle them in, then you may have an issue.

 what do I do if my airpods case won't close

Cleaning this is relatively simple, here are a couple of techniques to try:

Q-Tip: You can use a Q-tip to wipe out the compartments in the case, but be very careful not to let any moisture get inside. You also want to make sure that no strands of cotton get left behind from the q-tip either, otherwise, you’ll have to clean them all over again.

Tweezers: If you use a torch to look inside your case you may be able to see hair, cotton, or tissue that may be inside. You can use a pair of tweezers to get these bits out, but we suggest that you do it extremely carefully.

Compressed Air: This is always the best way to clean your AirPod case. It is readily available and will clean your case of any dirt without damaging any of the hardware. Products generally take normal air and pressurize it to give it the strength to blow particles away without damaging anything. It is also great to clean your phone’s charging port, your custom phone case, or your laptop's keyboard.

You should always be extra careful when using foreign objects near your AirPods Case so that you don’t scratch it, but if you do, there is plenty of tricks and tips on how to remove scratches from an AirPod case.

Dust on the Connective Magnets

If you are experiencing charging issues, or if your case won’t close, the first thing you need to do is check if there is dust on the connective magnets. Apple has said that it is possible for even the tiniest speck of dust or hair may stop the case from closing completely.

Once again, you could use compressed air to clean the magnets without causing any damage.

Consider Your Usage

Finally, if the problem still hasn’t been sorted, you may want to consider how you are using your Airpods. Apple offers a manufacturer’s guarantee on their products, but they aren’t designed for heavy or rough use.

How to Fix an AirPod Case that Won’t Close

You may be wondering, “what if I dropped my AirPods case on the ground, stood on them, or had any mishaps with them, could that affect their performance?” 

If this is what has happened, you may need to look at more serious repairs that would include knowing how to disassemble an AirPods case, or possibly even how to get water out of an AirPod case. And in the worst-case scenario, you may have to replace your AirPod Case completely.  If you do, make sure that the replacement case matches the AirPod generation you currently own.

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