How to Fix AirPod Case Lid

24 Feb 2022
How to Fix AirPod Case Lid

Have you ever had issues with your AirPod case lid? Sometimes, the AirPod case won’t close or seal properly, which can make it incredibly frustrating.

If you are experiencing these or other issues, your AirPod case lid might need to be fixed up. And if you are not a handyman, don’t worry.

The answer to “How to fix AirPod case lid?” is simpler than you think.

With a few simple tips and tricks, you will be able to fix your AirPod case lid in no time. But, the solution all depends on the type of issue you are facing.

These days, AirPod cases are as common as custom phone cases and they need to be looked after properly.

So let’s look at some of the issues and their remedies if you are having issues with your AirPod case lid. Who knows? You may be able to fix it yourself in no time. 

How To Fix AirPod Case Lid 

Your AirPod case lid is a pretty important part of the AirPod case. This is because you need this part of the case to properly close if you want your AirPods to charge. 

So what to do when the lid of your AirPod gets damaged? Let’s look at the most common ways it can get damaged and how to resolve them. 

Water Damage

It should be noted that AirPod cases are, at best, water-resistant and not entirely waterproof. 

This means that you will encounter issues if you drop your case in water or if it becomes completely submerged in water.

how to fix airpods case lid

As a result, the magnets in your lid may become affected and the case won’t close properly.

So, how to get water out of your AirPods case? If your AirPod case gets water damage, it is important to use a microfibre cloth to gently dry off all the affected areas and leave the case upside down to dry out. 

If this does not work, you can use silica gel packs (they are found in shoes and have “do not eat” written on them) to extract the moisture from the case. 

Lid Broke Off

If you read up regarding AirPod lids breaking off, you may find that people recommend anything from scotch tape to duct tape to glue. 

And yes, there is probably little harm in trying any of these methods. 

But, the best thing to do if your lid breaks off is to try and get it replaced. Unfortunately, there are not many home remedies for when the lid breaks off completely. 

Scratches And Scuff Marks 

You probably know that AirPod cases may easily pick up some scratches, particularly if you keep them in your pockets or bag. How to get scratches out of your AirPods case?

Experts recommend using 3000 grit sandpaper and gently sanding off the exterior of the case. 

You can also use a kitchen scour pad to gently sand off any scratches that may occur. 

Then, use a cotton pad and some alcohol to polish it off. This is also a great method for generally polishing your AirPod case even in the absence of scratches. 

The Lid Won’t Close

If your AirPod case lid won’t close, this can be due to two reasons. 

Firstly, this can be due to the connective magnets, and secondly, due to some sort of obstruction. 

In some less common instances, this can be the result of dropping your AirPods from a great height or just dropping them consistently. 

If you are thinking “I dropped my AirPods case on the ground but the lid still works”, consider yourself lucky. The lids are not made to resist falls and can easily become loose or break.

how to fix broken airpod case lid

If the connective magnets are the problem, this means that there is some dirt or particles on them. 

Keep in mind that the smallest speck of dust can affect the magnets’ connectivity. In this case, you would need a compressed gas duster to clean the magnets off.

If there is an obstruction in the slots where you are to insert your AirPods, the case will also struggle to close. 

The AirPods should insert quite easily without forcing them. You can use compressed air or a tweezer to remove any dirt or dust you may find in the ports. 

You should also check for earwax that may have gotten in there. Be sure to clean your ears and your AirPods regularly before placing them back in the case. 

Repairing The Hinges

If you want to fix your AirPod case lid’s hinges, think again. It’s not like we all know how to disassemble AirPods cases or how to fix loose AirPods cases

The problem with the hinges is one that many Apple users have accepted as a flaw in the design. 

The hinges are often loose and unsymmetrical, meaning the lid sits a bit looser and can wiggle from left to right. 

Unfortunately, this is not easy to fix without proper tools. So, the best remedy would be to replace your AirPod Case or to learn how to deal with it. 

Silicone Cover Slipping Off

Many people find it frustrating when their silicone cover struggles to fit tightly over their AirPod case lid. 

These covers have a habit of slipping off and not sitting snugly over the AirPod case lid. 

In this regard, the best thing to do is take a small slither of double-sided tape, attach it to the lid and attach the top of the silicone cover onto there. 

This will ensure that your entire silicone cover fits snugly over the AirPod case lid.

how to fix broken airpods case lid

Final Remarks 

So, the bad news is that there are many things that can damage or affect your AirPod case lid. 

But the good news is that some of these issues can be remedied. 

The important thing to remember is to know your limits. 

If you are not a pro with disassembling AirPod cases and fixing hardware issues, leave it to the professionals. 

But if it sounds like something manageable that you can try and rectify yourself, go for it.

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