Are AirPod Cases Interchangeable?

02 Mar 2022
Are AirPod Cases Interchangeable

If you're new to AirPods or have lost your case, you might be wondering if you can use someone else’s AirPods case to charge your AirPods. Many satisfied AirPod users will argue that being able to do so, is the main reason why AirPod cases are worth it

All standard AirPod cases can be used to charge any set of standard AirPods. You will just need to pair them to the specific charger by setting it up. 

Also, when you upgrade your AirPods from the 1st to the 2nd generation, you will undoubtedly benefit from the 2nd generation AirPod case which is compatible with wireless charging. 

This also means that if you purchased your AirPod case from Burga, there’s no need to replace it to fit a new 2nd Generation AirPod case to match your Phone case

This article will give you all the answers you need to learn more about how to connect someone else's AirPods to your case?

Are AirPod Cases Interchangeable? 

If you are already using AirPods and depend on their friendly useability then you would know that AirPods rely on the case for its functionality. This is why it’s valid to ask, can you put the 1st generation AirPods in a generation 2 case?”

AirPod cases are interchangeable, especially between the 1st and 2nd generation cases. This means you can still use the 1st generation case to charge your 2nd generation AirPods. 

The benefit of this interchangeability also means that you will be able to use wireless charging 2nd generation cases to charge your 1st generation AirPods. 

What is required though is to ensure that your cases are set up properly for interchangeable usage. Simply open the lid, and press and hold the setup button at the back of the charging case. 

When the LED light flashes white, then go to your home screen on your phone, open the case and connect them. 

This is also how you will connect someone else’s AirPods to your phone or your AirPods case for charging. 

are airpod cases interchangeable or not

Benefits of Connecting AirPods to Different Cases

There are several benefits to being able to use different cases to charge your AirPods. AirPods do work without the case but you need a case for setting up and for charging your AirPods. 

The case is also the home of your AirPods because this is where you store them when not in use. But if you happen to lose your AirPods case, it would be easy to simply connect them as explained above to someone else’s AirPods case for charging purposes. 

But, it is important to note that fake AirPods will not charge in a genuine AirPod case. So if you’re wondering,  can you put fake AirPods in a real case?” The answer is no. 

It also helps to know that you can simply use a friend's or family member's AirPod case for charging if you have forgotten your AirPods case at home or the office. 

This means you can still enjoy using your AirPods if you don’t have your case on you and its battery power may be running on low. Additionally, you can buy a spare charging case, to keep on hand as a safety measure or to just have extra battery power available. 

Now that you know that you can interchange standard AirPod cases, let's take a look at the differences between these cases. It is important to understand the differences so you will be able to appreciate the benefits of interchanging the use of standard AirPod cases.

Differences Between the 1st and 2nd Generation AirPods Cases

The differences usually range between connection speed, battery power, and whether the cases are compatible with wireless charging. 

  1. The connection speed of the 2nd generation has been improved by 150%, reducing any delays or sync issues.
  2. The 2nd generation AirPods case supports wireless charging and is supported by Qi-certified technology.
  3. The 2nd generation AirPods case can be used interchangeably with the 1st generation AirPods case.
  4. The battery life of the 2nd generation AirPods case lasts 50% longer. 
  5. The built-in Siri system is hands-free to enjoy.

AirPod Cases Versus AirPods Pro Case 

airpod cases are interchangeable

The AirPods pro case versus the AirPod case, are not interchangeable as the 1st and 2nd generation standard AirPod cases are. 

So if you are using your standard AirPods without the case you can use someone else's standard AirPod case for charging but not the Pro cases. The AirPods Pro case will also not work for wireless charging. But the 2nd generation AirPods case will. 

The AirPods Pro case has the case that comes bundled with it.  If you buy the AirPods Pro case it comes with a wireless charging case to be used only for the AirPods Pro. 


Now you know with absolute certainty how cool it is to be able to use standard AirPod cases interchangeably. All you have to do is simply pair your AirPods to new cases or other standard cases and voila, it’s ready to be charged. 

Are AirPod Cases Interchangeable (FAQs)

Can You Charge Your Airpods With a Non-Apple Charging case?

The non-Apple AirPod cases vary so it is not always guaranteed that it will always work. However several of them do work for charging purposes. Since the power wattages in the non-Apple AirPod cases vary, it may impact your battery’s life span. It is therefore advisable to stick to Apple AirPod cases. 

How Do You Know if Your AirPods Case is Charging?

Check the color status of the LED light on your AirPod case when you open the case lid. An orange light indicates that your AirPods still require more charging. A green light status indicates that your AirPods are fully charged. 

Can You Charge AirPods With iPhone Charger?

Yes, you can use the lighting connector of your iPhone to charge your AirPods. The AirPods will charge up to the maximum needs of the device and will not allow more power than what is required for a full charge. 

Connecting AirPods to Different Cases

Can use different charging cases damage my AirPods? 

The answer is no. Using standard AirPod cases to charge interchangeably will not cause any damage to your AirPods. Make sure that they are Apple certified. Standard AirPods will work with all versions of standard AirPod charging cases. 

Can you only get a new charging case if you have lost or broken your old one?

No. You can get several spare new charging cases to keep around. Try to always have at least one spare AirPods case. Don’t wait for one to break or get lost. Take care of your AirPod cases as they serve as great power banks for your AirPods. It doesn’t hurt to have extra one or two AirPod cases.

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