How to Connect AirPods When Case Is Dead

23 Feb 2022
How to Connect AirPods When Case Is Dead

If your AirPods case dies and you don’t know what to do, don’t panic. In this article, we will guide you on how to connect your AirPods when its case is dead.

This situation is common, and if you don’t know what to do, it could leave you a bit stressed. But know this, as long as your AirPods are charged and have power, they will work.

How To Connect AirPods When Case Is Dead

Fortunately, it is possible to connect your AirPods without a case and that is via your device. If you’ve charged or connected your AirPods with your device earlier, connecting your AirPods when your case has died won’t be a problem.

To connect your AirPods follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your settings on the home screen of your device. Open the case with the AirPods inside and keep the case near to the device.
  • Push the connect tab.
  • From there you will be guided on how to set up. If you have the AirPods Pro then you have to first set up Siri on your device. 
  • Thereafter you will then be prompted with a message that says “DONE” and just like that, pairing is complete.

Your AirPods case does not need to be charged for your AirPods to work. Even though the case is dead your AirPods are still connected to the case.

But remember that the batteries in the AirPods will eventually die. Once this happens, you will need to put them back in the case so that both the AirPods and the case can recharge.

If the case has died, and you try to connect a new phone, then it won’t unfortunately work. Once the case has been charged and you need to reconnect once again, you'll need to know how to connect new AirPods to a case.

And if you are having some difficulty connecting your AirPods, learn about “why my AirPods case is not connecting to solve it.

how you can connect AirPods when case is dead

Why Do I Need A Case?

If you don’t have a case you will not be able to charge your AirPods. The purpose of your case is to act as a holder for your AirPods for when they need to charge.

They also serve the purpose of protecting your AirPods. Therefore, it is important to take good care of your AirPods case. Read how to put an AirPods case on’ and ‘how to turn off your AirPods case’ so that it can be done properly, and in doing so, last longer.

You also can’t reset your AirPods without the case, you need the case to reset AirPods to factory settings. If you lost the case for your AirPods, then you will need to either borrow one or buy a new one because you need it to charge your AirPods.

Your AirPods case also looks great when you match it with your phone case. It’s super stylish with the added benefit of protection.

How do I reconnect AirPods to the charging case?

To connect again, navigate to Settings on your phone. Look for the Bluetooth icon and click on the information button that is next to AirPods. Then click forget the device so that you can start the connection from the beginning.

With both AirPods in the case, open the lid and wait for the status lights to flash amber. Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case for a few seconds.

Once the status light flashes white, move the case next to your phone and open it. Your AirPods should now be visible on your Bluetooth devices.

If the light does not change color, a reboot of the case might be necessary. 

Press and hold the setup button for about 10 - 15 seconds. While holding the button, the status light will flash amber a couple of times until it turns white. 

For more information on this, ‘How to reset the AirPods charging case’ is a good read to do this successfully. 

Why Did My AirPods Case Die?

The reason for your case dying could be that you just forgot to charge it or because there’s a problem with your case battery.

The Lithium-ion batteries will eventually deteriorate so the battery life will decrease with time and won’t give you the same amount of power time as before.

If the AirPods case and earpieces are at 100% battery power and you don’t use them, the case could last for a good five days.

how you can connect airpods if case is dead

If the AirPods case is completely dead, then the AirPods will not turn off when you put them back in the case. They will just stay on even when inside the case with the lid closed. The earpieces will start discharging once the case drops to 0%.

If your AirPods aren’t working, then also check those batteries and if it's not the batteries then giving it a clean might help.

Lost An AirPod?

If you lost an AirPod then you’re going to need to know how to connect two different AirPods to one case. Luckily this is possible. The AirPods can be different, but they need to come from the same generation though.

Place the different AirPods inside the same rechargeable AirPods case. Open the case and check if the status light flashes amber, then press and hold the setup button for 5 seconds, and then the light will change white. Now open the case and hold it next to your phone.

A popup will appear on your device and will prompt you to connect. Once completed, your AirPods are now successfully connected to your device.


Now we know that it is possible to connect your AirPods without a case. This is a big win because it is very frustrating if you can’t use it when you need it. It can catch you off guard.

Take good care of your AirPods by protecting them with a case cover. Burga has an array of stylish covers for you to choose from.

This is also a great way for you to identify your AirPods so that you don’t get them mixed up with someone else’s. But if you do though, you will get an alert that lets you know that there is a mismatch.

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