How to Take a Phone Case Off

24 Aug 2021
How to Take a Phone Case Off

Most of us have a phone case to protect our cell phones from scratches and dings. At some point or another, you will probably need to remove your phone case. 

This might be because you want to disinfect the case or because you are ready to replace an old case with a dazzling new one. 

Whatever the reason for removing the case, you'll want to do it safely to avoid damaging your phone. 

If you have ever wondered, 'are phone cases worth it?', the answer is definitely yes. 

While some care is needed to remove them, the protection they offer our mobile phones is unparalleled. To prevent any avoidable damages, follow these top hacks to removing a phone case. 

Let's explore how to take them off safely. 

What is the Easiest Way to Take off a Phone Case?

A protective case can be the difference between a small scratch on the case or a completely shattered screen that costs a great deal to repair. Knowing how to take them off is important if you want to protect your phone. 

Some cases slip off in a second, while others are a little trickier. Those that fit the phone snugly can sometimes prove more difficult. Happily, three easy steps should work with most cases. 

Step 1: Lay down a towel or a soft cloth on a table; this way, it will land on a soft surface if the phone drops. A good place to start is the top left camera corner. Start with an edge of the phone and pop it out of the corner. Gently push the camera and the edge, using your thumb and index finger. 

You should hear a slight popping noise, and the corner should be loose. 

Step 2: Now that the top corner is loose, you can pop the second top corner. Do this slowly to avoid any damage. Once both top corners have popped off, begin to peel the case away slowly. This part is usually pretty straightforward. 

Step 3: Focus on the camera hole again, as this part of the case offers excellent leverage. Slowly push your mobile device out of the case. Now you can easily pull your mobile out of the case, and it should loosen with ease. 

how to get a phone case off

How do You Get a Phone Case off that Won't Budge?

While some cases are easy to remove, others prove more challenging. If you are searching 'how to take off a phone case,' you are probably facing some problems. 

One of the trickiest types of cases to remove is a phone skin. So, what's the difference between a phone skin and a case? You might wonder. 

Well, cases come in a range of materials and are usually thicker, clipping onto your phone or molding around them snugly. Skins, are much thinner and usually consist of a vinyl-type material that sticks to the phone with adhesive. 

For this reason, they can be harder to remove since they are technically stuck to the phone. 

To remove the skin, follow these steps:

Step 1: Try and peel the skin away slowly, starting from one of the top corners. Depending on the adhesive used, some will peel away easier than others. If you're struggling, it might be time to use a tool like a pair of tweezers or a screwdriver. 

Step 2: If the skin doesn't budge, gently slot the tweezers or screwdriver under the corner that pops off and gently work to remove it. Once removed, you might be left with some sticky residue on the back of the phone. 

If this happens, you will be left wondering how to get sticky residue off the phone case? Luckily, this is a simple task. Use some rubbing alcohol and a cotton wool ball to clean your phone gently. 


How long do phone cases last? 

Many wonder “how long do phone cases last”. One of the main reasons people take off their phone cases is that they start to fade or deteriorate due to wear and tear. 

The longevity of a case largely depends on the materials used. Cheaper plastic cases might need to be replaced more regularly, whereas high-grade silicone or metal will usually last much longer. 

Signs that a replacement is due and you will need to remove the cover include :

  • A cracked case 
  • A loose-fitting case that falls off 
  • A faded or scratch-filled case that has seen better days (this is essentially a style reason, rather than a practical one!) 

If you are worried about such scratches, you might wonder, How can I make my phone scratch-free

Unfortunately, most phones are prone to some wear and tear and scratch over time. Luckily, a protective case can go a long way in protecting your phone, as it can diminish the impact of unsightly scratches. 

Do you have to take the case off before using a popsocket?

Many people wonder if you can put popsockets on phone cases. Popsockets are a popular gadget and can stop those dreaded screen smashes by offering more grip. They usually fit in most cases. 

But, you might face some issues with waterproof cases, silicone cases, and heavily textured cases. 

If you want a popsocket and have one of these cases, you might have to remove them and opt for a plastic case. 

Nonetheless, since silicone cases are usually shock-absorbent, they'll protect your device in case of a fall, and a pop socket isn't necessary for screen protection. 

Even though some phone cases might be tricky to take off, the protection they offer your phone and the huge savings they provide in repair costs make them worth it. If you have ever asked, 'Are phone cases good?', the answer is undoubtedly yes. 

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