How to Put a Popsocket on Your Phone Case

24 Aug 2021
How to Put a Popsocket on Your Phone Case

Popsockets are round plastic devices that you can attach to the back of your smartphone or flat phone case with a sticky adhesive.

The sticky gel adhesive at the back of the popsocket lets it attach to your smartphone or phone cover. The popsocket can be pulled out or “popped” to protrude from your phone and to give you a much better grip.

We are here to tell you everything you need to know about popsockets, including how to attach one to your phone.

How Do You Attach a Popsocket to Your Phone?

After choosing your popsocket, you may be excited to attach it to your phone. We will tell you everything you need to know.

What Can Popsockets Attach to?

You can attach a popsocket directly onto your smartphone or tablet. They can also stick to phone cases and most phone skins.

Popsockets will not properly stick to cases that are made of leather or silicone. They also have trouble sticking to highly textured cases and waterproof cases.

Where on Your Phone Can You Attach a Popsocket?

Popsockets can be attached at the top, middle, or bottom of your phone or case. There is no wrong way to use a popsocket.

Place the popsocket wherever it will give you the best and most comfortable grip.

Attaching a Popsocket to Your Phone Case

The first step to attaching a popsocket is to peel the sticker from the adhesive. Only do this when you are ready to attach the popsocket.

Remember to peel the sticker gently and carefully, to avoid ripping it. Start in one corner of the sticker and lift it gently.

Next, once the sticky surface of the popsocket is exposed, you can stick it onto your phone. press the popsocket down firmly onto your phone for about 10 – 15 seconds.  

can a popsocket go on a phone case

Why Should You Use a Popsocket?

Better Grip

The main function of a popsocket is to give you a better grip on your phone. This is perfect if you want to comfortably hold large smartphones or frequently drop your phone.  

If you are someone who frequently drops their phone, you should look into glass screen protectors. 

Is it OK to use a phone without a screen protector? You can skip a glass protector, but they are more effective at preventing cracks and shattering than most phone cases.

Better Selfies.

You can take Instagram-worthy selfies with your popsocket while holding your phone with one hand. You can try many different angles and press the shutter button with ease.

Protect Your Back Camera

Popsockets protrude from the back of your phone, which prevents your back camera from scratching on flat surfaces.

Use it as a Stand to Prop Your Phone

You can pop your popsocket out twice to make a stand for your phone. You can play games, watch videos, or take timed photos with your phone propped in landscape.  

Can You Reuse a PopSocket?

Popsockets can easily be reused and repositioned. They can be reused and re-stuck up to 100 times. A popsocket will be able to collapse and expand around 12,000 times in its lifetime.

Just be sure to re-attach your popsocket within 15 minutes of removing it. This will prevent the gel from drying out.

How to Remove a Popsocket from Your Phone Case

Popsockets are made up of an adhesive base and the top disk that can be popped in and out. The top disk is easy to remove, but removing the sticky base can be tricky.

Make sure your popsocket is flattened and pressed in before you try to remove it. The easiest way to remove it is in this compressed form. The base of the popsocket may come off completely when you do not flatten the popsocket before removing it.

Slowly peel the adhesive from the phone. Start at one side or in one corner. If you are having trouble with removing the sticky base you can slide some dental floss or a credit card underneath to make it easier.

How do you get rid of sticky residue on your phone?

Popsockets use sticky adhesive to attach to your phone. Are you wondering how to get adhesive off a phone case so that you can re-attach your popsocket later?

You can simply use rubbing alcohol to remove any stickiness from phones or phone covers.

How to remove a phone case 

After you have removed your popsocket, you might be wondering how to get a phone case off without breaking it?

Phone cases wrap around your device. Remove cases by bending the corner edges from the phone. make sure to start in one corner.

How Do You Make a Popsocket Sticky Again?

The adhesive of a popsocket may dry out over time.  Simply rinse the adhesive with warm water and let it air dry for around 10 minutes to make it sticky again.

Do not leave the adhesive unattached or uncovered for too long. To prevent the adhesive from drying out, do not expose it to air for more than 15 minutes before re-attaching it.

What Kind of Cases do Popsockets Work With? 

Regardless of the impressive grip offered by popsockets, we all drop our phones sometimes. 

Phone cases and phone skins are some ways to protect your phone. You can stick your popsocket right onto these protective accessories. 

Phone Cases

Phone cases are usually hard and are shaped to be molded to your phone. These covers just snap on.

Are phone cases really necessary? You probably could go without them, but they do a great job of protecting your pricey device from scratches and damage after falls

After spending money on a new case, you may be wondering how long do phone cases last. Phone cases can last for a long time, but this depends on how you look after them, and the material of the case.

Do hard cases scratch your phone? Phone cases are molded to fit perfectly over your phone. Your phone will not scratch.

Phone Skins

Phone skins are made from adhesive vinyl that sticks onto your phone. Phone skins are much thinner than phone cases.

If you already have a phone skin, you may be wondering: Can you put a skin on a phone case? Although skins usually attach directly to your phone, you can attach a skin with minimal thickness to a phone case.

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