Phone Case Vs Skin

24 Aug 2021
Phone Case Vs Skin

There are many options available for protecting your helpful and pricey smartphone, including phone cases and skins. Can't decide between phone case vs skin? We are here to tell you all about phone cases and skins – their features, benefits, and downfalls.

Are phone cases really necessary? Protecting your phone from chips, scratches, dents, and steam damage is an investment. You can save yourself from future trouble and costly repairs.

If you want to decide for yourself what the best protection for your phone would be, you came to the right place.

Phone Skins

Phone skins are very different from phone cases. Skins are adhesive covers that stick onto your phone. Phone skins are made from a much thinner material than phone cases.

The adhesive vinyl used to make phone skins is cut and molded to fit your phone’s exact shape and design.

Phone skins add less bulk to your phone, so the design and shape of the phone can be appreciated. They look great on even the biggest and bulkiest cell phones.

One downside to phone skins is that they are usually not recyclable, although there may be some eco-friendly options out there.

Pros of a Phone Skin

  • Phone skins are fitted to your phone and do not add bulk
  • Phone skins effectively prevent damage to the surface of your cell phone like scratches
  • Vinyl absorbs shock when the phone falls
  • Phone skins are affordable
  • The texture of the skin allows for excellent grip
  • A wide range of colors, designs, and shapes are available

Cons of a Phone Skin

  • Not recyclable
  • Thinner material offers a basic level of protection against falls

Phone Cases

phone cases vs skins

Phone cases are usually more durable and bulkier than phone skins. Phone cases can come in a myriad of materials – plastic, silicone, rubber, or metal.

You might be wondering how long does a phone case last. This depends on the material of the case, and how you take care of it.  

Phone cases win the top spot when it comes to protecting your device. It can protect your smartphone from scratches, dents, falls, and harsh elements.

Do phone cases scratch your phone? Not at all. The case is molded to fit your phone perfectly, and all ports are accessible.

One downside to phone cases – especially plastic and metal cases – is that the surface of the cover itself may scratch.

Although there are eco-friendly options available, most phone covers are not recyclable, unfortunately.

Pros of a Phone Case

  • A phone case offers better protection against falls
  • It prevents scratches on the surface of your cell phone
  • Phone cases allow full access and functionality to your touch screen
  • They are aesthetically appealing and have endless design options
  • Phone cases are more durable

Cons of a Phone Case

  • Most phone cases are not recyclable
  • The surface of the cover may become covered in scratches
  • Phone cases are bulkier than skins

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Phone Case vs Skin (FAQs)

How Do You Get a Phone Case off without Breaking it?

Have you ever wondered how to get a phone case off in the best possible way?

Plastic phone cases that wrap around your cell phone can be removed by bending the corner edges away from the phone. Begin in one corner, popping the phone case off as you go along. 

Dealing with skins may be a tricky business. Peel the skin from your phone gently and slowly. A tool like a tweezer might be helpful.

How Do You Get Rid of Sticky Residue on Your Phone?

Phone skins use adhesive to attach. You may end up in a sticky situation when you try to remove a phone skin.

Are you wondering how to get adhesive off a phone case for future use? Well, a little rubbing alcohol might do the trick. Avoid using solvents that are too harsh. This might damage the surface of your phone cases or phone skin.

Can a Pop Socket Go on a Phone Case?

Another great addition to either a phone case or phone skin is a pop socket. Can a pop socket go on a phone case? Yes, pop sockets can be stuck onto cell phones, cell phone cases, and cell phone skins.

Just make sure that you know how to remove a pop socket from your phone case.

Are Glass Screen Protectors Worth it?

Is it OK to use a phone without a screen protector? Yes, but glass screen protectors provide effective additional screen protection that cases do not offer.

This prevents cracks and shattering. Some glass screen protectors are even shatter-proof. 

This means that glass screen protectors are great back-ups for covering those blind spots that a phone case or phone skin cannot protect.

The Bottom Line

Phone cases and skins are both great for safeguarding your phone. Phone skins are less bulky, which can make your device look smarter and sleeker.

Phone cases, however, have the edge over skins with their durability and protection.

The most important thing about a phone cover is that it should protect your fragile and expensive smartphone. Phone cases offer better protection than skins, especially when your phone falls.

Now you're all clued up on the differences between phone cases and phone skins. You can hop online and browse through a wide selection of phone cases made from polycarbonate plastic. This material is recyclable, biodegradable, and available

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