Do Huawei Phones Come with a Case?

10 Jan 2022
Do Huawei phones come with a case

Thinking of getting a new Huawei phone and hoping to score a cover with the purchase? Great idea, but do Huawei phones come with a case? The short answer is that it actually doesn’t. Unfortunately, this leaves you with a brand-new phone and no protection. 

Nobody wants to be carrying an unprotected phone around. It's way too expensive and the information captured on it is way too important to lose if the phone gets damaged.

But you don’t need to look far for protection. The best Huawei cases are right at your fingertips. Burga has a protective phone case for every Huawei out there including the best case for the Huawei P30 Pro.

Do Huawei Phones Come with a Case?

Do all Huawei phones come with a case

Huawei phones unfortunately do not come with a case so it would be best to buy a suitable case before you get the phone so that you don't end up with a phone and no protection. 

Where Do I Get the Best Huawei Phone Cases?

You will love these cases because they are more durable than the basic Huawei cases you find on the market. They are made from strong polycarbonate plastic and TPU that can roll with the punches as a phone case should. For your Huawei, you could either choose a ‘Snap’ case or a ‘Tough’ case. 

The Snap case is slim and sleek. It is a one-piece hard-shell design that is ultra-thin and lightweight. If you drop your phone you don’t need to worry because the camera is protected by raised case bezels around the camera. 

Because it's slim it has minimal impact on the design of the phone, so the Snap design is suited for those who would like to keep the original shape of their Huawei phone.

The Tough case has a Dual-Layer which is made up of a silicone interior (inner soft TPU layer) and a hard-shell exterior. This is great because the silicone will absorb the shock if you drop your Huawei unexpectedly and the hard shell protects against the dents it might incur. 

The Tough case also has a raised bezel for screen and camera protection. The profile is slim, and it is also comfortable to hold in your hand. This phone is best suited for those who need extra protection.

Does Huawei phone come with a case

Added to all this, the phone cover selection for Huawei is super stylish. There's a cover for every personality and style, so you’re bound to find one that suits both you and your Huawei. The covers have high-quality prints on them which are glossy and scratch-resistant. 

It also never fades so your Huawei phone cover will never look tacky. Burga phone cases do not break. The prints do not fade or peel. The manufacturers are so confident in their product that they offer you a 12-month international warranty.


These cases are compatible with wireless charging. And your phone can be charged wirelessly while enclosed in the case.

Your new Huawei phone might not come with a protective phone case, but you can rest assured that Burga got you covered, better than you can ever imagine.

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