Best Huawei P30 Pro Cases

10 Jan 2022
best huawei p30 pro cases

The Huawei P30 Pro is a beautiful piece of work and deserves to be matched with an equally beautiful case. Cases are so much more than just protection for your smartphone. They are a great way to express your style and compliment your aesthetic. 

The cases in our guide are all of great quality. We would not recommend anything less to Huawei P30 Pro users. The choice now essentially comes down to which case matches your personality. 

Take a look at our best Huawei P30 Pro Cases. 

Best Huawei P30 Pro Cases 

Give Me Butterflies (Best Cute Case) 

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No one can argue with the fact that butterflies are the cutest creatures out there. That is why the Give Me Butterflies case is our best cute phone case. 

It comes in a soft, dreamy blue color and is covered with blue, white, and grey butterflies. This is the phone case that will make you smile every time you see it. Butterflies never go out of style!

Fortunately, the great quality of the case means that the beautiful color of the case will not fade over time. The case comes in either a snap or tough variation. 

The snap version is perfect for those who want a sleek feel to their phones while offering surface-level protection. The tough variation is for those who want a bit more protection in everyday life. 

Why It’s Great 

  • Unique butterfly pattern 
  • Soft blue color 
  • Comes in either the snap or tough variation 

Who It’s Right For 

  • Fans of butterflies 
  • Those who like blue
  • People who have a ‘cute’ aesthetic 

Glacial Desert (Most Professional Case)

best huawei p30 pro case

If you are looking for more of a plain-looking case, do not fear. We told you we have an option for every taste and aesthetic. Our pick for you is the classy Glacial Desert phone case. 

This case manages to retain a professional look without being boring. It is completely white but it has the appearance of a snakeskin texture. This is absolutely perfect for those who are looking for something that looks a bit more professional.

As we mentioned previously, you will not be disappointed with the quality of this case. Do not worry, it is not actual snakeskin so it is vegan-friendly.

Why It’s Great 

  • Versatile color 
  • Comes in the snap or tough variation 
  • The print looks as if it is textured 

Who It’s Right For 

  • Those who like simple designs 
  • Fans of neutral colors 
  • People who want to look professional 

Wild Terrain (Best Minimalist Case)

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If bright colors and funky patterns aren't your thing, we think you might like the Wild Terrain case. The light beige case allows the contoured black lines to stick out without overwhelming the design.

The contoured map design on the back of the case is understated, yet unique. It is your perfect everyday phone case for the minimalist user. 

As always, it comes in the snap or tough variation. Take your preference based on your own lifestyle. Snap cases are great for the office while tough cases are better for those who are constantly on the go.

Why It’s Great 

  • Neutral, appealing color 
  • Patterned design 
  • Comes in the snap or tough variation

Who It’s Right For 

  • Those who prefer a minimalist esthetic 
  • People who like low-key designs 
  • Fans of neutral colors 

Cosy Sweater (Best Preppy Case) 

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Who doesn’t love to be reminded of sweater weather? Cosy Sweater is going to be your new favorite fall companion. Even if it's not fall, you can constantly be reminded of your favorite season. 

The sweater print on the back of the case gives the illusion that your phone case is a cut out of your favorite sweater. It is a great choice for those who want something preppy and fun. The dominating color is a neutral, soft brown so it will match any of your outfits. 

Why It’s Great 

  • Looks like it is textured 
  • Neutral color 
  • Comes in tough or snap variation 

Who It’s Right For 

  • Fans of the fall season 
  • People who like a preppy aesthetic 
  • Those who like the textured look 

Vintage Edition (Best Bright Case) 

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Seeing the Vintage Edition case is bound to bring a smile to your face. You really can’t go wrong with great color and polka dots.

If you like bright colors, this is the case for you. The base color is a bright, warm orange that seems to capture a vintage design. This case is simply timeless. 

The white spots randomly flecked all over the case make it look extremely playful. Your phone will look fun and stylish.

Why It’s Great 

  • Vintage design 
  • Warm color 
  • Comes in the snap or tough variation 

Who It’s Right For 

  • Those who like a vintage aesthetic 
  • People who like bright colors 
  • Fans of orange 

Hot Cocoa (Best Feminine Case) 

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For the perfect pop of purple and pop of glitter in your life, the Hot Cocoa case is here to serve. This case is perfect as a feminine accessory for your wardrobe. 

The golden spots against the light mauve shade add a luxurious flair to this case. You can keep your style feminine without looking kitsch. It is perfect for your everyday style.

It looks great in either the snap or tough variation. You also don’t have to worry about the gold glittery tones fading at all.

Why It’s Great 

  • Golden flecks make it look trendy 
  • Soft base color 
  • Snap or tough variation 

Who It’s Right For 

  • People who have a feminine aesthetic 
  • Fans of mauve 
  • Those who like touches of gold 

Best Huawei P30 Pro Cases (FAQ) 

Does the Huawei P30 Pro Come with a case? 

Optimists are probably asking ‘does the Huawei P30 Pro come with a case?’ While the phone is a great gadget, it does not go so far as to give you a free cover. It simply comes in a box. Covers you have to buy separately. 

Is P30 Pro Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla glass is a very protective material that tends to make phones less scratch-resistant. The P30 Pro is not made with Gorilla Glass. This is why you definitely need a phone cover and screen protector for your Huawei P30 Pro.

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