Where to Buy Google Pixel Case

08 Jan 2022
where to buy google pixel case

Buying a high-end smartphone like the Google Pixel is an investment that you want to last, so purchasing a quality phone case alongside it is an integral part of the process. 

Finding a high-quality product requires you to know where to buy a Google Pixel Case. With so many retailers and options in the market, the question of where to buy Google Pixel cases requires a research and review process. 

Some question if a Google Pixel case is worth it, but you do need to ensure that the case you buy is going to protect your valuable phone against scratches, cracks, or any other forms of damage that may occur daily. 

We look at the best places to purchase a Google Pixel case, as well as what to look for when buying a case, how to best utilize your phone case, and some of the best options available right now. 

Best Places to Buy A Google Pixel Case

With so many stores and platforms selling cute Google Pixel cases, it can be difficult to ascertain where to go. 

Going with the overall purchasing trends currently, online shopping is the best and most convenient way to buy what you need. When narrowing it down to online stores, there is a name that stands out due to its popularity and stellar reputation: Burga.

Burga is a top provider of protection for phones, laptops, watches, earphones, and so on. Not only do we offer premium protection, but with our trendy and attractive products, we offer style, too. 

While we cater to most brands and gadgets, our Google Pixel range is impressive, with hundreds of design options. 

where can you buy google pixel case

In addition to our top-notch gadget protection, Burga also offers free shipping for purchases above $50 and a 12-month warranty for peace of mind. 

How to Make the Most Out of Your Phone Case 

Pair With Screen Protector 

While a phone case is important to protect the body of a phone, it needs to be paired with a screen protector to prevent damage to the phone’s screen. 

While smartphones are now designed with stronger glass screens, this does not mean that they are completely safe from damage if a phone is scratched or dropped from a height - shattered screens are still a common occurrence. 

Purchasing a good quality, the tempered glass screen protector will protect the screen from scratching, and absorb the impact of a drop. 

Screen protectors protect the skin from dirt and stains that occur from fingerprints or other elements. It also reduces glare when using a phone, and prevents UV damage to the screen. 

Burga offers two excellent screen protector options to suit any budget: a tempered glass screen protector and a full cover screen protector. Our tempered glass option is shatter and scratch-resistant, ensuring there is no damage to the screen without the loss of sensitivity when using the device. 

The full cover screen protector has complete shock absorption, and its sleek design ensures that touch sensitivity is not compromised. It is also water-resistant. 

Clean Regularly

When you fit your phone into its case, you can often leave it in indefinitely without a second thought. But, you should remove it and clean both the phone and the case regularly. 

Over time, there can be dust or small dirt particles that sneak into the case through the port openings and the sides. If you leave this too long, you might find that it can scratch the body of your phone. 

To effectively clean both the phone and the case, first, remove the phone and switch it off completely. Then wipe both with a soft, dry cloth. You can also use a sanitized wipe on the surfaces, but ensure it does not come in contact with any port openings. 

If a wipe is used, leave the phone and case to dry for a few minutes. Then carefully place the phone back into the case. This should be repeated at least once a week for the best results. 

What To Look For In A Phone Case

Protective Material

When purchasing a phone case, it is important to ensure that it is made from durable material that will effectively protect your phone. 

A thermoplastic polyurethane case (TPU) is one of the best, most durable materials you could look for in a phone case. It offers high shock absorbency and elasticity, to ensure that your phone is protected from damage like scratches, cracks, or bumps. It is also heat and water-resistant. 

Burga offers two types of TPU cases: snap and tough. 

Our snap case has a hard shell, sleek design which makes it ideal for those who don’t want to add bulkiness to their phone. It features raised bezels around the camera, to provide extra protection to the area. 

Our tough cases feature a dual-layer of protection, with a hard shell exterior and silicone interior. Raised bezels are featured on the case to protect both the camera and the screen. 

Look out for Port Openings

A phone will have several buttons and ports around its edges, such as charging ports, volume buttons, on/off switches, speakers, earphone ports, and so on. When purchasing a case, it must cater to these features. 

Many question whether iPhone cases fit the Google Pixel - it is important to purchase a case that is compatible with the phone you have. Check the design carefully to ensure that there are openings in the case at the right positions so that when it is placed on the phone, you are still able to use all the buttons and ports effectively. 


A phone is something you will use for hours every day, so it is important to ensure that it sits comfortably in your hand. When protected by a phone case, the design of the case must be compatible with hours of usage. 

Consider how a case will feel in your hand. A case with a grip is important to ensure that the phone sits firmly in your grasp, without slipping or shifting. 

While textured cases might look good, they are not always the most comfortable to hold. Instead, opt for a case that appears to be textured, but is just a hardshell case with a textured illusion. 

Best Cases

Wildflower - Google Pixel 2 Snap Case

where to buy pixel case

The Wildflower Google Pixel 2 Snap Case is a floral dream with a sleek design that keeps your phone protected in style. 

The snap case is a hard shell design that is thin and lightweight and maintains the original shape of the phone. It features raised bezels around the camera, which keeps the fragile area protected from damage. 

The design is not the typical floral that is found commonly - it features wildflowers, which gives it a unique and carefree take on the popular design. 

The lilac marbled background is dotted with wildflowers of all shades, making it a pastel phenomenon. It makes you feel like you are wandering through a field of flora on a warm spring day, and it will go with outfits featuring white, cream, and pastel shades of pink and purple. 

Cappuccino - Google Pixel 3 Tough Case

where to buy google pixel cases

The Cappuccino Google Pixel 3 Tough Case is a marble masterpiece that provides dual protection for your phone. 

The tough case offers a dual-layer of protection, with a silicone interior and a hard shell exterior. In addition to this, it also features raised bezels around the camera and the screen, protecting the two most fragile parts of a phone. 

Despite the double protection, the case is still sleek, preventing bulkiness and weight to the phone. 

The design is glitzy and fashionable. The marbled effect with white and nude swirls, and glittery gold accents, makes it the perfect case to add a touch of glamour to everyday outfits. 

The marbled design is incredibly popular in fashion and home decor, so it is ideal for those who keep up with the latest style trends. 

If you are looking for a case that won’t dull a sparkly outfit for a night out, and also provide optimum protection for your phone, this is the one to go for. 

Coconut Crush - Google Pixel 5 Snap Case

where to buy pixel cases

The Coconut Crush Google Pixel 5 Snap Case is a tropical treat that keeps your phone sleek and protected. 

The Google Pixel 5 case ensures that the phone is not bulky and heavy, while still offering high-quality protection against accidents and external elements that might cause damage. 

The design is a vacation on a case. If you are stuck at your desk in the office most days, this case will have you dreaming about a tropical getaway on an island, with its cream stone background, large green palm leaves, and coconuts. You can almost hear the waves crashing, and feel the sand between your toes. 

The quirky design paired with the snap protection makes it a reliable option.

Pink Beach Mosaic - Google Pixel 2 Tough Case

where can you buy pixel case

The Pink Beach Mosaic Google Pixel 2 Tough Case has an exotic appearance and a double layer of protection that will keep your phone safe and stylish. 

The tough case is everything you need in terms of protection - the hard shell exterior and silicone interior absorb all shock and outside damage before it gets anywhere close to the phone. The raised bezels keep the screen and camera safe from cracks or scratches. 

The design is unlike anything you have seen in a phone case. While the name might have ‘beach’ in it, this case will make you feel like you are exploring the cobbled streets of Marrakesh at sunset. 

The case is modeled on Moroccan tiles, alternating between pink marble and silver granite, all tiled together with a subtle gold marble. The colors blend beautifully, making a truly unique case. 

If you want your phone case to stand out with a magical Moroccan design, while keeping your phone fully protected, this one's for you. 

Forest Fairy - Google Pixel 5 Snap Case

where you should buy google pixel case

The Forest Fairy Google Pixel 5 Snap Case is a simple yet comforting option that will feel like a second skin on your phone. 

Does the Pixel 5 require a case? The answer is yes. The snap case is ideal for those who want to keep the sleekness of their phone, while still ensuring it is well protected. The hard shell design and raised bezels protect the phone against scratches, cracks, and other forms of potential damage. 

The design is as festive as they come. The grey and white dotted pattern come together to form a design that is similar to a Christmas sweater.

The case is ideal for those looking for a merry addition around the festive period, or those who want an all-year-round reminder of the most wonderful time of the year. 


While it is important to pick a case that suits your tastes and personality, the most important thing to consider is how durable and protective it is for the good of your phone.

Many retailers offer Google Pixel Phone cases, but it is best to select those that promise a high quality and optimal protection - spend a little more, and you will ensure your phone lasts a long time.

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