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Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! You’re about to participate in the most head-spinning Cyber Monday event you’ve ever witnessed.

For the first time ever, BURGA is giving away one FREE product with every one you buy. No catch, no code, no trickery—just some honest Cyber Monday madness! How does it work?

Add two products of the same type to your cart and, hey presto, the second product is free!
Add 2 Phone cases - 1 of them is free.
Add 2 Macbook cases- 1 of them is free
Add 2 Water bottles- 1 of them is free.
You get the point...

So put on your slickest racing gloves and slap on a helmet. The road ahead is bumpy but totally worth it. See you at the finish line!

P.S. The only product type that is excluded from BOGO promo is Travel Mugs - The stock we have for this product is extremely limited, therefore we have to limit the amount we sell so everyone can get one and we dont run out of stock.


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